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    IMCMEXICO - Venta, Renta y Compra de Maquinaria Usada para Construcción

Instructions for Using the Web Site: Instructions for Using the Web Site:

You can browse the online catalogue in full with no need of a username and password. By doing this you will be able to obtain preliminary estimations of the costs of all the heavy machinery posted on our Web site by our suppliers, available both for rent and sale. You will also be able to access the data and images that are published in our system for free.
You will have to get a free membership by registering your e-mail, name and telephone on IMCMEXICO. By filling the User Registration Form, you can easily and quickly create your own username and password, which you will have to enter every time you visit
  • One of the major advantages of being a registered user of IMCMEXICO is that you will be able to generate your own Project of Purchase of used machinery automatically and in a reliable way. What is more important, you will be able to get more precise quotations for your possible purchases (including freight, taxes and insurance), since you can have in real time a customized and continuous follow up about the heavy machinery that you might be interesting in acquiring or selling.
  • Our system on line, is preferred and used by Latin American costumers. Customers have to generate a Project of Purchase, first select from the catalogue all those machines that you are interested and add them to your equipment of interest list. For every selected machine, you will obtain an online approximated cost of the chosen equipment, and we will keep you posted about the progress of the exportation or importation process as well as the delivery of the machines (whenever this applies).
  • Through this customized online service, customers are able to obtain in a reliable and updated way, the information our staff sends them, related to each machine incorporated in your Project of Purchase.
  • To make the follows up even more effective, customers can use the "Messages received from IMCMEXICO" feature and ask about any equipment.
  • Customers can also print the information related to the progress of our negotiations as well as the final cost of every single equipment included on their Project of Purchase.
  • Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate in calling us. We provide you with customized and permanent assistance and all our staff members are always glad to professionally assist you and your company to make any selling process easy.
  1. Accessing value added services in order to:
    • Publish your own products or services related to engineering.
    • Publish your own products or services related to the construction industry.
    • Publish your own technical profile.
  2. Accessing IMCMEXICO customized services and management in order to:
    • Publish your own machinery to sell it or rent it in Mexico or abroad.
In this case, you can take advantage of our system by announcing your own machines, spare parts or accessories so your potential clients can contact you directly or through IMCMEXICO. (See why this option is convenient for you)

There are 5 alternatives to announce your equipment at IMCMEXICO:
  • If you want to announce machinery for sale with the concourse of the IMCMEXICO.
  • If you want to announce spare parts or accessories the concourse of the IMCMEXICO, is totally free.
  • If you want to announce machinery for sale or direct rent on behalf of the equipment owner, also is free.
  • If you want to announce spare parts or accessories is free.
  • If you want to publish your corporative image, is free.
Whichever modality you choose, IMCMEXICO services represent an important option to promote and sell your equipment, since we are a growing advertising window that aims to commercialize heavy machinery in Mexico. In our system you can announce your equipment for sale and rent, having the control of all the changes and kind of business that you might want to assign to each machine. Moreover, you can keep your machines in a "stand by" status, which allows you to control your inventory online to later decide whether you want to advertise them.