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    IMCMEXICO - Venta, Renta y Compra de Maquinaria Usada para Construcción

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To consolidate us, as leader company of strategic support for constructors, for the commercialization of used equipment through Internet, with collaboration of personal assistance with quality and professional ethics.

Our Mission during 2013 is join efforts and partnership with more constructors who are looking to purchase heavy machines.

Is well known that many countries, but in special Mexico, is an important final destination of used heavy machinery for construction sold from USA and others developed countries.

That's why from almost 10 years ago, we have purchased and moved into Mexico and others countries, with care and safety machines to our final customers mostly inside of Mexico. Our deliveries include satellite tracking and insurance.

Some of your customers require our transfer services and import into Mexico for less money and time. We give a hand when needed at no extra charge to the seller.

We offer free advertisement, to announce any machine in IMCMEXICO, it is free, easy and fast. When a machine is published in, our provider don't have to lost time to answer phone calls, because we will take all the phone calls when the provider needed, and when we contact the owner only when have a serious customer with strong intentions to purchase., is an open source for everyone for free posting. Our web site is the most seen in Mexico. Many US machinery providers and independent brokers are publishing their machines for free, and also it is free for everyone who want to sell heavy machines for construction in Mexico and other important Spanish countries.

We are strong in logistics to move machines and delivery port to port with satellite and insurance coverage.
IMCMEXICO Adventages
Every day more users visit IMCMEXICO, it is the preferred web page for the Mexican constructors and now we are expanding our free services, because our growing number of customers are requiring good quality used heavy machines.

Once you a registered, you will be able to publish through our Machinery Section, for rent or sale your own equipment using your corporate image and company contact information (upon request). Therefore, you can also promote directly to more customers your products and services using your corporate image.

It is very easy to register, it takes just 5 minutes without any charge. When you become a user of IMCMEXICO, you will have access to the following services:
  • Sell or trade your heavy used machinery to more customers from Mexico, United States and Canada and rest of the world.
  • Import or export heavy used machinery located in Mexico or others countries.
  • Rent your own heavy machinery to main construction companies located in Mexico, but no limited to USA and rest of the world.
  • Sell new spare parts or attachments for heavy machines.
  • You can also publish your technical resume for free.
  • Customized search of products and services related to the engineering industry.
  • Trade or acquisition Engineering Services and Products from Mexico, United States, Canada and rest of the World.
  • Publication of your Technical Profile or search of other Specialists.
  • Publication of your Engineering Services and Products.
  • Publication of your Company's Corporative Image.
  • Customized search of products and services related to the construction industry.
  • Trade or acquisition of Construction Services and Products from Mexico, United States, Canada and the rest of the World
  • Publication of your Company's Corporative Image.
  • Publication of your Construction Products and Services.
When you log in into IMCMEXICO system with your login an password previously encoded by yourself, you will have the total control of the information that you want to edit and publish in our Web site. You can have always the option to determine what items you wish to republish or even to keep in private for your own management, like your machinery inventory, services or products. In addition, you will have the direct management of describing details or prices related for the rent or sales of your products.

Trading with IMCMEXICO heavy used machines or publishing any product or services related with the growing construction market never been that easy.
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