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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

  What is IMCMEXICO market?
  IMCMEXICO reaches a wide range of companies in Mexico, USA, Canada and Europe. (Close this answer)

  Does IMCMEXICO have agreements with construction Mexican companies?
  Yes, we have agreements for several construction Mexican companies to renew their heavy equipments. (Close this answer)

  How big are the companies that advertise in IMCMEXICO Web site?
  The companies that are part of our database are international companies based in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe, which have shown a serious commitment to provide high quality equipment and services for the construction industry. (Close this answer)

  Why has MEXICO increased the acquisition of heavy machinery from overseas?
  Due to the current Mexico's economical stability, more constructions are talking place, especially as far as roads and big construction is concerned. Besides, there are no big heavy machinery factories based in Mexico. (Close this answer)

  How can IMCMEXICO support their customers in their machinery acquisition?
  Every day IMCMEXICO is improving its system and investing in promoting the heavy machineries posted by our providers in our Web site in order to reach basically all the Mexican construction companies (Close this answer)

  Are the quotations that appear on IMCMEXICO portal for real?
  Yes, the prices that we handled in our portal are list prices. They can vary, depending on the agreement we reach with the providers at the moment to acquire the equipments. (Close this answer)

  How long will the promotions that appear in the table of services and costs be effective?
  The promotion will be effective throughout the year. (Close this answer)

  If I require a machine that is not in the IMCMEXICO Web Site, can I request your services to help me find it?
  If you need a machine that is not listed in our Web Site, click on "Requests" (left side), fill the form and we will find it for you. (Close this answer)

  Why is IMCMEXICO growing so fast?
  Because our Mexican customers are requiring more machines and they need efficient media to see the catalogue of diverse machines posted into our professional and well-developed Web Site. (Close this answer)

  Why is it important for my company to post machines into the IMCMEXICO system?
  Because is the best way to cover our growing market in Mexico. Our customers require photos and technical data of the machines posted, along with prices, location and serial numbers to quickly make comparisons and decisions. (Close this answer)

  How I can access the services offered by IMCMEXICO?
  You just need to be registered in our Web Site and you will automatically have access to all the services we offer. (Close this answer)

  Who are the users who will see the machines posted into IMCMEXICO data system?
  They are companies or people that own heavy machineries and that are willing to trade them through our user friendly website, which is open to everybody who wants to use it. (Close this answer)

  What do I need to publish my inventory?
  You just need to be registered in our Web Site, and to have included the data and pictures for each machine posted. (Close this answer)

  How do I register in IMCMEXICO database?
  You have to click on the REGISTRY link and chose the option that is more according to your intentions. Then, fill out the form that appears on the screen and, you will get access by yourself. (Close this answer)

  How long does it take to register and to insert data for each machine?
  Filling the registration form takes only two minutes, and inserting data and pictures will take you just 3 minutes per machine. (Close this answer)

  Why is it important to be registered and to post data into IMCMEXICO data system?
  Because all the information you post into IMCMEXICO system is automatically sent to the email specified in your register form. This way, you get the confirmation of your username and password that allow you to manage your own data at any time. (Close this answer)

  What do I have to do upon registration?
  Once you get your user name and password, you'll have to enter them at every time you use IMCMEXICO services (Close this answer)

  How much does it cost to be registered in your Web site?
  Nothing. Registering in our Web site is totally free. (Close this answer)

  What kind of advantages do I have as an IMCMEXICO registered user?
  One of the great advantages of being a registered user of IMCMEXICO is that you will be able to generate your own Projects of Purchase of used machinery in an automated and reliable way. Most importantly, you will be able to receive more precise quotations of your possible purchases of machinery, since you will be able to easily get, in real time, a customized follow up of the heavy machinery you are interested in. If you are advertising products and services, you will be able to change, update and delete that information at any time, once logged on the system. (Close this answer)

  Is there any condition or fee for the use of the IMCMEXICO's Web Site system?
  You can enter our Web Site and conduct searches anytime, free of charge. Should you want to promote your products and services too, you'll have to pay later on, but the first month is free of charge. (Close this answer)

  What happens if a client is interested in a machine from my inventory?
  When we have a client interested in buying equipment from your inventory, our personnel will ask you if that equipment is still available and which would be the lowest price you would accept for it. If there is agreement with the client's expectations, then we will be able to negotiate. (Close this answer)

  Does the owner of the equipment's information appear on IMCMEXICO Web Site?
  Yes, but only if you wish to use your own logo and contact information. In this case, we charge a commission of $5 USD for each equipment during the first month and from the second month, onwards we charge $10 USD. You will be able to obtain 50% of discount in all your publicity during 6 months, if you invite another company to register as a user of our system. You can insert up to four pictures for each machine, no matter how many machines you want to advertise. We set no limits for that. If you choose this alternative, we won't know who the buyer is, since he will get in touch with you. However, if you need our attendance, IMCMEXICO will be ready to help you with your foreigner clients whenever you ask. (Close this answer)

  Is there any cost for publishing my machines without showing my data?
  No, if you want to use the services of IMCMEXICO, the information that appears on the systems is the one of our offices, for your own security and privacy. In this case, you don't have to pay any fee for using our system, and there is not any limit to put data of the machines you want to promote. (Close this answer)

  If the machine is sold, does IMCMEXICO charge a fee?
  Yes, only when the machine is sold by IMCMEXICO broker services you will have to pay a fee. In this case, we ask for 1% commission of the total value of the machine, paid by the seller, in exchange for our assistance to you and the buyer in everything until the delivery of the equipment is completed. (Close this answer)

  Are there any cost, commission or other expense associated to the advertising of our machines in IMCMEXICO Web Site?
  None. There are not any hidden costs, fees, or other expenses apart from what is described above. (Close this answer)

  What is IMCMEXICO's involvement in the sale of our equipment, who does the invoicing, delivery arrangements and others?
  Among the services provided by IMCMEXICO figure the management of buying and selling of equipment and, in an international level, we assist with the inspections, preparation of the Nafta Certificate, invoices, transportation, customs, taxes and delivery. (Close this answer)

  Why is a good decision to advertise my equipments in IMCMEXICO web site?
  IMCMEXICO provides you with a new big window for machinery trading in Mexico, through which you will be able to display for free any equipment you have for selling or renting. You always have the total control to change the scheme for each machine, defining when or which ones are for sell, for rent, or just to keep in your inventory. If you prefer to pay for advertising and you actually pay for it, you can insert your own logo, mission, and all the contact information that you want to display to be contacted by your customers. (Close this answer)

  How do I obtain access to the purchase or rent of machinery through the IMCMEXICO?
  You have to become a member, which is free, by registering your email, name and telephone number on IMCMEXICO portal. Here, you can generate your username and password by filling the form of registry (Close this answer)

  Can I import machinery from abroad through IMCMEXICO?
  Yes, you can buy machinery from abroad by using the management services of IMCMEXICO (Close this answer)

  How do I generate a list with the machinery I am interested in?
  In order to generate a list, the client can use the machinery search engine implemented on the system and he can also browse our catalogue to select the machines that interest him, by activating the button "Generate my machinery lists". In order to know more about this topic, please read the FAQ's MACHINERY. (Close this answer)

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